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Cataracts: Other Technology

Quantum Vision Centers prides itself on offering patients access to the newest technology available. Below you will find a list of options we offer:


We offer the CENTURION® Vision System, the only intelligent phaco technology that optimizes every moment of the cataract surgical procedure. This system automatically and continuously adapts to changing conditions within the eye, provides great anterior chamber stability during each step of the surgery and places optimized energy technology at the surgeon’s fingertips through enhanced fluidic management and surgical precision.

Lens Selection

Quantum Vision Centers uses the most advanced technologies to measure patients for proper lens selection. For a surgeon to deliver the achieved goal, it is critical that the most up-to-date technology is used before, during and after cataract surgery. Pre-operative measurements are taken by using an IOL Master and LenStar measurements to calculate the power of the patient’s replacement lens.

During surgery, the surgeon has the option of using ORA System™ Technology, a sophisticated device used to provide real time measurements of the patient’s eye during cataract surgery. At any point the surgeon can easily take a measurement, which is then analyzed by ORA System™ Technology to provide specific information used to optimize decision-making in correcting the vision of that eye. The benefits of this technology include:

  • May help your surgeon achieve better results and provide you an improved quality of vision
  • Gives your surgeon an added level of confirmation for an optimal outcome
  • If you have astigmatism, this system may improve the accuracy of your correction to help reduce the chance you’ll need to wear eyeglasses after your procedure

LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System

Senior woman wearing glasses Quantum Vision Centers also offers another groundbreaking technology for patients who suffer from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. This condition can cause severe dry eye, burning, itching and vision disturbance, to name a few symptoms. The LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System can relieve obstruction of blocked eyelid glands and allow the body to resume the natural production of lipids (oils) needed for adequate tear film. Treatment with the LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System has been greatly received by patients who have not been able to relieve their symptoms with other treatments.

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